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  1. J

    Morro Rock at Morro Bay, CA - epic video style

    This was my first trip to the coastline near San Luis Obispo, CA. I captured this footage using my Mavic Pro 1 and composed it in an epic video style. Enjoy!
  2. heo3480

    Mavic ND Filters | Why & How

    Do you need an ND filter for your new Drone? This tutorial will get you started why and when you need them and further includes an EASY way to pick the right ND filter I have used Mavic Air, but the principle is the same for all DJI Drones /Henrik
  3. S

    Manual Video Settings

    Hi all - New to the forum and relatively new to my Mavic (got it in January). I've shot for years with my trusty GoPro Hero3+ Black, so I do have some video experience. I have a couple of questions: I fly primarily in the bright California sun during the day, and am looking to capture that...
  4. LukasBlecha

    PolarPro Cinema Series - UNBOXING and GIMBAL TEST

    Just recieved new PolarPro Cinema Series Vivid ND filters for my Mavic. Gimbal test with mounted on filters has passed!
  5. Mako79

    PGY Tech ND Filters (Ebay)

    Anyone used these? Half priced compared to polarpro. PGY G-UV ND4 ND8 ND16 CPL HD Lens Filters Set for DJI MAVIC Pro Drone Quadcopter | eBay Here is more info... : Buy PGYTECH Lens Filters for DJI MAVIC Pro Drone G UV ND4 8 16 32 CPL HD Filter Accessories gimbal Lens Filter...