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  1. heo3480

    Mavic ND Filters | Why & How

    Do you need an ND filter for your new Drone? This tutorial will get you started why and when you need them and further includes an EASY way to pick the right ND filter I have used Mavic Air, but the principle is the same for all DJI Drones /Henrik
  2. A

    Exposure Value

    Had my mavic pro out for a flight the other day on a bright sunny day at the beach. I was trying to achieve 4K 24fps with 1/50 shutter speed using a cheap neewer ND32 filter to get that "perfect cinematic look". To my surprise the exposure meter was somewhere in the +1 to +1.5 area. Is it time...
  3. M

    Polarizer Filter Test

    I created a video to compare the Mavic Pro with no filter, an ND 32 standard filter, and a ND32 Polarizer Filter The ND 32 is by Polar Pro The ND 32 HD Polarizer filter is by PGY Tech
  4. M

    Hunting for smooth

    ND32 Filter with 24FPS recorded in 4K converted to 1080P ND8 and ND16 were worse than the ND32. This was shot in the morning about 7:15am on a clear day
  5. MikeC

    ND32 filter and activetrack while skiing

  6. Mako79

    PGY Tech ND Filters (Ebay)

    Anyone used these? Half priced compared to polarpro. PGY G-UV ND4 ND8 ND16 CPL HD Lens Filters Set for DJI MAVIC Pro Drone Quadcopter | eBay Here is more info... : Buy PGYTECH Lens Filters for DJI MAVIC Pro Drone G UV ND4 8 16 32 CPL HD Filter Accessories gimbal Lens Filter...