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new mavic pro

  1. T

    New mavic fimware out of the box.

    Hi all after sending back 2 phantom 3 se drones because od sd card issues and sevral other problems i bit the bullet and bought a mavic,i studied countless videos and read as much as i could but the one worrying thing that kept popping up was the word FIRMWARE UPDATESon unboxing the current ac...
  2. 51 Drones

    New "Mavic Air" coming?!?

    DJI is drawing from the Steve Jobs "Book of Hype" and has "pre-annnounced" an announcement that has raised a lot of eyebrows in the last 24 hours. The press release photo teases us with a sleek looking profile of what some insiders have claimed is our next Mavic. I, for one hope this is true...