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new mavic

  1. Aerial-Pixel

    Mavic Mini Released

    Well the worst kept DJI release is finally available, the new Mavic Mini comes in at $399 US, see the release HERE
  2. P

    New Mavic with a bad battery

    Hi. I just buy a new Mavic (aircraft only) that came in an authentic DJI smaller box but unfortunately battery didn't charge and I buy @ ebay from an unauthorized seller. The aircraft was new since I have to register and activate it before take off. Any possibility that can get a battery...
  3. PaulArcher

    New Mavic white Alpine vs Platinum

    Hey guys, The new snow-colored Mavic is available for ordering. I don't find it especially exciting, but I must say it's the best package you can get a mavic with. It comes with 3 batteries in the pack and at a price lower than the standard Platinum. Here's my overview on which one is best to...
  4. S

    Mavic experience

    Some words about my experience with Mavic Pro. Bought my Mavic 2 months ago. On the second flight the bird lost contact and flew away never to be seen again. I wrote to the support and surprisingly I got a new one because there was something wrong with it according to the log. The new one came...
  5. R

    My New Mavic Pro, Great Drone and Views But Came with a Faulty Battery

    The faulty battery has now been replaced by the supplier. :)
  6. F

    Brand New Mavic Replacement - IMU and Compass - Propellors

    So i recently finally received my replacement Mavic after it was sent with a damage gimbal. It took almost a month for them to replace it okay about 3 weeks ..... and after calling customer service multiple times every other day i finally talked to a manager and was on a two day shipping list so...