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    PLEASE HELP w/ half black screen? Nexus 7-2013 w/ Mavic pro

    I have tried everything and spent 4+ hours on this, please help. The phone I was running wasn't on the official device list and was a little glitchy, so I bought a Nexus 7-2013, which is on the list. It is glitch/artifacts/or something bad. I have tried the last 3 firmware versions, multiple SD...
  2. G

    Go 4 and Android 8 final

    Now that Android 8 (Oreo) final has been released to devices and in use i thought i'd test it with the latest DJI Go 4. The good news is it seems to work exactly as before. No behaviour differences, no lag. It "just works". One thing that might be useful is 8.0 allows you to restrict...
  3. V

    DJI GO 4 and Android 8

    Couple of days ago I have updated my Nexus 6p (Android 7.2.1 to Android 8 Beta). DJI GO 4 starts correctly but suddenly screen orientation works only in vertical mode :( Don't update your Nexus devices to Android 8 until the stable version. P.S. Litchi App works correctly.