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no fly

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    Entering approval to fly

    I'm having trouble getting my djigo4 app to accept my authorization to fly in class D airspace. I have my FAA approval logged in and the app and the aircraft show that this has been accepted. I still get an error message stating that my RTH path will go through a no fly zone and it will not let...
  2. A

    Unlocking List Refresh Fails after updates

    OK..I give up DJI. I upgraded my MAVIC firmware this morning using the latest DJI Assistant 2 for both the controller and the AC. It seemed to go OK. I went to fly in my backyard and for the first time ever I received a NFZ warning and could not take off. After some research I see am in a...
  3. O

    Warning zone Class C - fly with caution ?

    Is this exactly mean anything else than I should "fly with caution" ? - in restrictions meaning :) In my current location as long as I have GEO system ON this warning shows up on the screen, I have checked DJI ZONE MAPS and I am not in any type of zone at all, theoretically clear area, but I am...