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Warning zone Class C - fly with caution ?


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May 27, 2017
Is this exactly mean anything else than I should "fly with caution" ? - in restrictions meaning :)
In my current location as long as I have GEO system ON this warning shows up on the screen, I have checked DJI ZONE MAPS and I am not in any type of zone at all, theoretically clear area, but I am away about 1km from hospital with helipad so I presume this is the "problem"
If I turn off the GEO system it mean the restrictions still apply if any and just the information won't be displayed on the screen or the restrictions is completely off in the mavic system ?

-- Just to make it clear, this is absolutely theoretical question as I have no intention to fly in any type of no fly zone or any type of restricted zone, curiosity is my second name.

OK, got a solution, I am not in any type of no fly zone!

The problem was based completely somewhere else!
I am on firmware 0.400 but the IOS app I have used was the 4.0.8, had to downgrade the ios app to lower version and the problem gone!
I'm on app 405 and f w 400 never had any restrictions being seen by others.
Thats right, but if by any type of mistake you update your app to 4.0.8 you would see the warning (probably) everywhere!
That is correct if that happen ill be seeing those n f z warning. That is why I set my device to block. and manual update only all my apps. Right now I am away from home on an island I also set my device to airplane mode for safety measure.
Just wondering if I install more recent version of the app like 4.0.6 or above and turn off the GEO system so the warnings won't pop up any more, being under 0.400 firmware do I am still restricted to the zones ? anything wrong could happen during the flight ?
Is anyone using 0.400 or lower with new IOS / ANDROID app and GEO OFF ? whats the experience?
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