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geo system

  1. brett8883

    Would you buy a DJI aircraft with height and GeoZone limits if you had a choice?

    There has been a lot of heated discussion on the forum recently about DJI’s GeoZone system and height limits and DJI actively markets these as features of their aircraft. I wonder how many people would choose to purchase a “locked” aircraft if they had a choice? I wonder how many people would...
  2. C

    Blue Zone - Authoization - Help

    Real quick question. I just purchased a Mavic 2 Zoom, and wanted to fly it where I normally do. Well, this time there is a blue bow tie zone just touching the area I want to fly in. I try never to fly yellow zones (now blue I guess?) Anyways, if I do fly in that zone I would use the app to...
  3. T

    Mavic Geo unLock

    Hi - I live near an aiport and will allways have to apply the Geo Unclock so I can fly. I find it generally never works for the verification. It will never recongise my credit card, and when usng the mobile unlock, I get as far as receiving the token to my phone, but when I type in the token to...
  4. O

    Warning zone Class C - fly with caution ?

    Is this exactly mean anything else than I should "fly with caution" ? - in restrictions meaning :) In my current location as long as I have GEO system ON this warning shows up on the screen, I have checked DJI ZONE MAPS and I am not in any type of zone at all, theoretically clear area, but I am...