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  1. T

    No image after video cable replacement - DJI Mavic Pro

    Hey! So I crashed my Mavic Pro some weeks ago and the video transmission cable and the gimbal ribbon cable broke. I replaced the gimbal cable successfully, the gimbal works fine. Today I replaced the video transmission cable which bought from Amazon, but now it’s worse than before. Before the...
  2. T

    No image from drone

    So I crashed my drone last winter and after being 8 days up in a tree the wind make it down. Gimbal flex was destroyed so i changed it and also changed the video flex because there was no image. But even after doing that I still have no image from drone. GPS works, it flies with no problem, the...
  3. I

    No camera image

    Had a minor crash the other day, broke a couple bands on the gimbal vibration board (ordered another one) however now I am getting no video feed from the camera. Everything else on the drone is perfect. Sensors, gimbal control, everything as it should be, with the exception of any image from the...
  4. Z

    Mavic Pro - no video after LSVD cable replacement

    Hi guys, recently I crashed my Mavic and on first sight LSVD (video signal silver cable) was ripped off and vibration plate was broken. At that moment I didn't see that ribbon cable has been ripped too. I have order replacements part (LSVD cable and plate) and that came to me after 3 weeks. I...
  5. BD0G

    Air Encoder Error (0x800020) - Possible Fix

    Well just received the weirdest Error Message in the DJI GO 4 Application. I was just out at the park and have had the Mavic Pro Combo for about 24 hours. Firmware is current. No calibrations done as there is no prompt to do so. Was ready to fly and powered up. No Image transmission on screen...