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north carolina

  1. macfawlty

    Air 2 Whalehead Club and Currituck Lighthouse, Corolla, NC

    Here’s a couple clips of the Whalehead Club, a historic hunting lodge from the turn of the century. This is part of the Historic Corolla Village in Corolla, NC in the Northern Beaches of the Outer Banks. It’s a wonderful place to visit with a variety of historic buildings including a church...
  2. hagman23

    Air 2 WNC Waterfalls Air 2 and 2S

    A couple waterfalls in western North Carolina as seen 06 | 02 | 2021 by my Mavic Air 2 and Mavic Air 2S Dry Falls | Highlands, NC Mavic Air 2 w/ ND 64 Filter at 1" exposure Quarry Falls (aka Bust Your Butt Falls) Mavic Air 2S with Freewell ND 1000 filter @ 3" exposure
  3. Joyner Park Fall Aerial (1).jpg

    Joyner Park Fall Aerial (1).jpg

    Beginning of fall in the Piedmont of North Carolina.
  4. Samuel Doejaaren

    Where are some places to get good pictures near Charlotte, NC?

    Ive been dying to get out there and get some good photos with my mavic (Im an amateur). I really would like to know some good structures or places to fly my drone, Just let me know what you got!
  5. R

    4th of July fireworks and Beach shots

    This was all made with DJI editor and was filmed in Sunset Beach NC .
  6. Viper

    Water levels in NC

    Shot some footage here a few weeks ago then we had some really heavy rain here lately. Returned to the location and was surprised. The footage with the boat unfortunately I forgot my memory card so that footage was from cache memory.