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not connecting

  1. Ace79

    So, weird issue with my Mavic Air connecting to my phone today

    Beautiful day, perfect weather, go to fire up the Mavic Air and connect my phone and BAM it won't connect to the display. The controller was lit up green so it was connected, just not the phone. I have a 3rd party mount for my controller so I use the USB on the bottom of the DJI remote. I use an...
  2. D

    Understanding the battery

    I bought a magic pro flymore pack (or whatever it’s called) and it has 3 batteries. The manual is not clear on how it operates when charing the batteries; when I plug all 3 in to the charging station, is it supposed to still only charge one at a time? Because it currently is. Also, one of the...


    Hey Guys. So I have just started a 5 week trip through Canada (from Australia) and my Mav bricked 2 days before I left. Urgent help needed. This is a bit of a follow on (with extra issues) from: Controller 'Connecting' This is what has happened: * Gimbal "overload error" and won't stay still...