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obstacle avoidance sensors

  1. I

    Mavic Air approaching obstacle

    Fellow Pilots I own Mavic Air 1 that I fly very occasionally, and I have noticed a strange behaviour of my drone. Although the default obstacle avoidance options are ON, the drone has a tendency to approach obstacles when closeby. When that happens, I am unable to use the controller to...
  2. sboppart

    Has anyone found a way to disable obstacle avoidance?

    I've been flying my Mavic Mini for a few weeks now and am yet to find a way to turn off the bottom obstacle avoidance. Any tips would be great! Thanks in advance.
  3. M

    Times obstacle avoidance has failed you?

    Obstacle Avoidance (Mavic Air) has saved me so many times, I have never crashed it due to this feature. But I have had some EXTREMELY close calls with obstacle avoidance, to the point I wondered if it was on! Have you had some close calls or has it ever failed?
  4. Ian in London

    How to disable OA sensors and fly in strong winds

    Hi all There was a lot of discussiona few weeks ago on how the Air and Pro differ significantly flying in strong winds when not in Sports Mode. The Obstacle Avoidance Sensors play a key part in this; the AIR auto-disables them allowing a steeper pitch to continue at speed, whilst the PRO...