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  1. Kleem

    Air 2s An Ohio Sunrise

  2. J

    Hello from Ohio!

    Hello all! A few months ago I bought a Mavic 3 to specifically use for a trip to Poland; I also have an original Mavic Mini. I'll be honest, I've been a lurker before but mainly made an account to have access to the classifieds. I'm thinking of selling the Mavic 3 and didn't know about the...
  3. K

    OHIO FLYERS - Lets Start A Regular Meet Up

    Curious on the interest here. I've kicked around this idea, like I'm sure many of you, for far too long. I would like to officially announce the Ohio Drone Buddies group. I'll work up a page on some social site, most likely FB although I absolutely stink at social media, so if anyone is...
  4. B

    Inspecting Wind Mills

    Finally a beautiful day!! This was taken with the Mavic 2. this is actually a screen shot of the picture from Photo Mechanic.
  5. B

    Mavic 2 Pro - Hicksville, Ohio

    I lost a Mavic 2 Pro tonight around Hicksville, Ohio The GPS coordinates show it in a cornfield. I scoured the field but I could not find it. It appeared to fly crazy when it got near high tension power lines. If you see it, please let me know. I'm sure it's sad and lonely right now. :(
  6. J

    Best of 2018 drone footage

    This is a Best of 2018 compilation of my aerial footage taken throughout the year. Happy New Year! Enjoy! Music: Resolve by Rob Fleming
  7. O

    Newbie in NE Ohio

    Afternoon all from East Side of Cleveland. Just received my new Mavic Air today and after a few hours of manuals videos and updates to firmware I managed to get my Mavic up in the air. Nothing spectacular but I think I could get addicted to this real quick. Look forward to finding suitable fly...
  8. T

    Mavic Pro owners in West Chester or Cincinnati, OH?

    Looking to fly Mavic pro in spring ( whenever that happens!) with other owners in Cinci , West Chester and vicinity.
  9. Amarand

    Columbus, Ohio

    Hey all! I live over on the west-side of Columbus, in Galloway, closer to Hilliard. Any fellow fliers close-by? Here's my rig:
  10. Amarand

    Hello from Galloway, Ohio, USA

    Hey all! Just purchased the Mavic Air yesterday from DJI direct - looks like a 10 to 15 day wait. So...I wait. But, it looks like there are some fantastic threads to read and contribute to here in the forum, so that's good! Anyone from the Central Ohio area? I'm in the suburbs of Columbus.
  11. J

    Mavic over a Dam in 4k

    I took my Mavic up to the O'Shaughnessy Dam near the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. Did some flying and I got some decent shots. The last shot I wish I was square with the dam. I also tried to do a little more color grading in this video for a different efftect. Edited in Final Cut Pro X. Thanks for...
  12. A


  13. J

    Video: Hoover Reservoir in Ohio

    Woke up early and took the drone out to the lake. Fog was lifting off the water when I arrived. Located in Westerville, Ohio.
  14. B

    New Pilot in Cleveland, no idea where to fly

    Hey all, Just got my Mavic Pro. All charged up. Now I need to find places near Cleveland, OH where I can safely fledge my little eagle. Anyone in the area interested in flying or even know some drone friendly places to get started? Buzzy
  15. G

    NE Ohio

    Just received the Mavic Pro today. I had a Phantom Vision 2 but have not flown for over two years now. Hopefully the weather will clear and I can get the Mavic up this weekend.
  16. Glenn Johnson

    Hello from Akron Ohio!

    I have a Phantom 4 and I love it so much that I decided to increase my DJI fleet by ordering the Mavik Pro. Can't wait to get my shipping confirmation....