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Inspecting Wind Mills

Hope that thing wasn’t spinning at the time ;)
Just a note: I am not employed by the GM (lessee of this farm) or EDP renewables.
It was not spinning at the time, which is unusual. I'm out taking pictures and this location is nearly always windy. it was very nice! In just the hour or so I was there, the wind started back up. It's pretty amazing to see how quickly they can turn to face the wind and how quickly the blades can turn so they can catch more or less wind depending on the windspeed. I have been asked to be on site during construction and when the blades are all lifted at once onto the shaft of the generator. It's pretty amazing how it's done and how quickly it can be done!
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Thanks for sharing that Intel n picture. I've always wondered about that, they must have a internal staircase I assume? Guess I can read up on that n the other 1k I need to get too. ?
I'll try and look back in my archives to find some of the install pics (not drone). They are massive. They are new. from blade tip to ground is about 600'. the cranes to lift the blade assembly 250,000 lbs are incredible too! They have to assemble and disassemble the crane everytime they move from site to site.
Wow, the Mavic 2 has a great camera, doesn't it? Do you shoot RAW or JPEG? Any post production or cropping?
I shoot both RAW and JPG. Much of the time of the JPG is fine but there are times when I really want to edit more than 8bits of color and that's where the RAW comes in at.
This is a screenshot from the state baseball game in Ohio on June 7. The MP really can be blown up well with lots of detail and the RAW let me really pull some great colors.
I've been very happy with the camera.
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