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  1. FoxFlight Drone Video

    2 Pro Independence Day Fireworks 2021 - West Shores (Finale Only)

    West Shores is a neighborhood around a man-made lake west of the Omaha area. Every year, they do their own Independence Day fireworks show on or around July 4th. I couldn't resist doing a pre-programmed route around the show. Audio comes from my mobile phone at my position which I then sync'ed...
  2. FoxFlight Drone Video

    Toy Box Omaha

    Omaha isn't really a "small town"... but who knew that the whole city could fit in a chest in your grandmother's bedroom? That seems kind of... um... magical? Get drawn into the toy model of the city of Omaha -- complete with a friendly wisp showing you around at times. Filmed with: DJI Mavic...
  3. Mavic_Ward

    First timer in Omaha

    Greetings all. New Mavic owner here. New drone flyer, period. I took my first (outside) flights today and WHAT A RUSH! A little bit scared of losing it, a little bit scared of crashing it, but after that first battery pack was worn out and the RTH button worked like a charm, I was hooked. So...