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  1. And around we go.

    And around we go.

    I used the 360 feature on the mini2 and ended up with this
  2. The sunset

    The sunset

    A little evening fun, Stoney Creek, Ontario, not a super long exposure, and man do I need filters for that camera.
  3. R

    Air 2s Mt Nemo (Burlington, Ontario) at Sunset

    I was finally able to make it out to Mt Nemo and shoot this video, which required a lengthy (700m or so) flight over a rural property with my DJI Air 2S, and it performed beautifully. Had I stayed just 5 more minutes, I would have captured even more fantastic lighting as the sun got lower...
  4. O

    Mini 2 Mini 2 Footage of Burnstown, Ontario

  5. Garatshay

    2 Pro Museum for Railway Enthusiasts

    A break in the weather here in Southern Ontario gave me the chance to snatch some footage of the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario in Smiths Falls. This may interest those who love railways and associated equipments.
  6. D

    Basic license operations in and around Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

    Hi All, First of Happy New Year to fellow forum members I've been scratching my head on Mavic Air 2 for nearly 3-4 weeks with no firm decision to date. Toronto city wide restrictions (pl refer below) and red zones on Drone site selection tool have left me wondering if there's a slightest...
  7. M

    New Mavic Mini Owner - Where can I practice flying in Vaughan?

    Looking for something new to do during the pandemic and with my extra time off, so I ordered a Mavic Mini (mainly picked since it's below the 250g threshold) that arrives next week. As I started reading more and more (didn't realize all the rules and regulations at the beginning except the 250g...
  8. RPASJones

    Flying over busy street - Canada

    Hey guys, I have some questions about establishing a security perimeter for flying at a plaza. I can't get the right angle within the parking lot I cone off. I would like to take off in the parking lot of the plaza I want to shoot, then fly over a street to get to the other side for my...
  9. C

    Winter Thoughts - Grey County, Ontario, Canada

    Get out and enjoy winter. Shot with Mavic Air.
  10. lenbh

    Hello from Brampton, Ontario, Canada!

    Hi, everyone! I just purchased a Mavic 2 Zoom. Very cool machine! Looking forward to having some fun. Feel free to contact me if you're in my area. Cheers. Len

    Hello for Brampton, Ontario, Canada - Looking for a Co-pilot / Check out my Mavic vlogs on Youtube

    Just wanted to say Hello to the great community here! Please drop me a message if your local and want to fly... LOOKING FOR A CO-PILOT / BUDDY TO TRAIN WITH... I am actually new to Ontario, Canada and was looking for a Co-pilot based in the local area maybe near Brampton to collab on vlogs and...
  12. FireRanger Tom

    Winter Sunshine upon Snowy Cabins

    First time flying with a polar pro nd32 filter to get some sunny winter footage
  13. FireRanger Tom

    Northern Ontario, Canada

    Quick video of a Campground in northern Ontario :)
  14. GoodGuy

    Local Creek on a Sunny Day

    Duffins Creek in Ajax Ontario is pretty flooded right now, but two nice mornings in a row got me out to shoot some footage. A bit of editing later, and here's what I've got. Comments and suggestions are most welcome! Happy Flying all!