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  1. MS Eierfeile

    Access Mavic Pro storage with Android smartphone

    Hello there, I am pretty new to the forum and still a wanted to contribute something that could help others: It bothered me that I could not access the footage on the fly for example to empty my Mavic SD card or to edit footage on my Smartphone on the go. The solution came with the OTG-adapter...
  2. gjmphoto

    Success with OTG Hub - Need a little more help

    I picked up a multi-port OTG adapter (IOGEAR GoFor2+ USB On-The-Go Card Reader with Hub GOFRH202 B&H) and it works GREAT with the Moverio - I can now use a USB mouse and USB keyboard directly with the glasses. Particularly for typing things, this is a MAJOR plus, and although I've gotten a lot...
  3. S

    OTG Cable Spark

    Hi guys, Looking for an USB-C (CS side) tot Micro USB (Spark side), length 15-20cm cable. Cant find anything... Was thinking to make a micro USB cable on the DJI mount. Does somebody knows where the OTG functionality is build in? I think in the big normal USB plug... So than a micro USB cable...