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out of focus

  1. C

    Mini 2 Mini 2 doesn't focus

    Hi! I'm Jaff and I have an issue with my dji mini 2, my camera doesn't focus. Let me tell you that I land my drone by accident in a dune, so all that small dust came into the gimbal, I cleaned it up and dessambly the whole camera, after days of cleaning the gimbal finally works good but now the...
  2. F

    Auto focus suddenly cannot focus (during flight issue)

    In this screen capture, you will see the focus is stuck and will not auto-focus even as I tap on the screen. After a short while, it seems to reset itself. Prior to the screen capture, I was flying straight and zooming back to wide angle. I have had severall issues like this on my Mavic 2 zoom...
  3. A

    Mavic Focusing issues (misalignment)

    Dear all, please take a look at this video I tried everything, IMU recalibration, gimbal reset / recal, firmware refresh etc. The lower right quadrant is OOF if everything else in focus if the lower right in focus then everything else OOF. Contacted DJI for support, waiting for the...
  4. K

    Constantly out of focus a little bit

    No matter where I try to "tap to focus" on and even when trying focusing on hyperfocal distance of 10 meters, camera catches clear focus and then immediately refocuses slightly back which results in all my videos being a little bit out of focus. It can be clearly seen for example on this video...
  5. oJFw

    Partial Focus Issue (After Firmware Update)

    Hi all, Hoping someone here will be able to shed a light on what’s happening to some elements of my footage. Yesterday I installed the new firmware and the DJI GO 4 app and took my Mavic out for a spin. Once I got my video footage back to the editing suite I noticed some really awful looking...
  6. mattmjm

    Video goes blurry and out of focus during recording on its own

    The video is never in focus on initial take off while recording. I always have to initiate the Center Auto Focus command in order to get it in focus first. I do this quickly via the C1 button - I have it mapped to that command. However, the major issue is this: during all of my flights, the...