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Constantly out of focus a little bit


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Apr 12, 2017
No matter where I try to "tap to focus" on and even when trying focusing on hyperfocal distance of 10 meters, camera catches clear focus and then immediately refocuses slightly back which results in all my videos being a little bit out of focus.
It can be clearly seen for example on this video at first 15 seconds where I am trying to focus twice on different distances:
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Anybody with similar problem knowing what to do?
FW: 0.700

(I had to return my first Mavic because of blurred right side, hopefully this problem can be solved without sending it in again)
At least one other person encountered this and fixed I believe it by resetting the camera in camera settings.
It looks just like my footage did. Blurry on one side in almost all the video. Not as sharp on the entire video either compared to some of the super high quality videos people have posting here on the forum. I sent mine in for repair and it's only taken DJI 10 days and they're ready to ship it back in the next 24 hours. Send it back or you'll never be happy. You may have a junk camera like mine was.
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Happy to confirm that resetting camera settings did the job. At last my videos are sharp! Thanks for suggestion...
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