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  1. nicotheredfish

    Major issue with blurred video

    Hi all, So I received my mavic pro yesterday and after getting updates and full battery charged, I get out to make my first flight But here is the result of my video... Even if there is no light, i expected to see a bit better the city And even indoor, in my appartment with full light, I see...
  2. K

    Constantly out of focus a little bit

    No matter where I try to "tap to focus" on and even when trying focusing on hyperfocal distance of 10 meters, camera catches clear focus and then immediately refocuses slightly back which results in all my videos being a little bit out of focus. It can be clearly seen for example on this video...
  3. S

    Issue with left side pucture focus

    Hello. Almost always while i fly, left side of picture video in not focus, like in blur. i upload some example in this example focus on center like always. in left side you can see red building - in blur, but right side white building is in focus. Maybe i need something to do? Please give me...
  4. 4

    Blurred left side to video

    Has anyone experienced this and know how to fix it?
  5. S

    Photos out of focus

    Hi guys Took my Mavic up yesterday for a series of videos and panos. When I loaded them onto my computer, the videos were fine but 33 out of 34 of my panos were way out of focus and unusable. As this was a pano created by Litchi App, maybe I need to ask on their forums but thought I'd ask...
  6. B

    DJI Care Refresh Process from Start to Finish - MAVIC

    Hey all, I recently had to ship my Mavic off for repair and I made a quick video about the entire process. Documenting emails, procedure and timescales. Hopefully it may be of interest to some. Thanks, -Aidan