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  1. eva2000

    Mini 2 First Panorama Photos Brisbane, Australia

    Posting my first panoramic photos from my 7 day old Mini 2 :D First time using the Affinity Photo trial to create the panoramic photo from DNG raws - a huge difference compared to the native Fly App's panoramic photo generation! But crazy how it eats into disk space once you work with the DNG...
  2. eva2000

    Does the DJI Fly App have a record of what camera mode was used for photos?

    Took my first panoramic photos on my new DJI Mini 2 :) I could have sworn I set it to manual mode with fixed shutter speeds. But after stitching the photo in Fly App 1.6.6 and downloading the photos to my phone and computer I found the 3 different panoramic modes have different shutter speeds...
  3. R

    MAVIC 3 Azimut? Panoramic angle??

    Hey, I just want to now if you know a technique to see the azimut angle of the Mavic 3 like the Course Lock on the Phantom4 or DJI M300... I use this for the panoramic photos... Thanks!
  4. hagman23

    Air 2 Nantahala Lake | NC Pano

    Out yesterday on a shoot near Nantahala Lake, NC shot this 180 pano with my Mavic Air 2. I did crop it down just a little in post. Mavic Air 2 w/ DJI ND 16
  5. m80116

    Mavic Mini does the PANO shots (IT) [IMG]

    Okay... opening this thread with the best intention to populate it with a bunch of Panoramic views captured with the little being. Today me and my critter have risen up to 75m to capture the series of shot necessary for this short Panoramic composition of a small Italian town during the...
  6. V

    Website for displaying your panoramas

    One of the problems with panos is that while they are way cool (in my opinion) most pilots don't have a mechanism to show them off on the web. I have developed a website that works with google earth. A marker is shown everywhere a pano has been shot. I am thinking about opening this up to...
  7. K

    360 Pano Editing Software

    Hello everyone, Since the last update which added the vertical, horizontal and 360 panoramic picture capabilities I've been playing around with it and I have to say I'm a HUGE fan of the 360 pictures. Although it was windy and the drone wasn't perfectly steady, I was able to capture this...
  8. kcoleman805

    Hangar 360 Help

    Today I tried to use Hangar 360 for the first time and couldn't seem to get it to work. I turned on the DJI Go 4 App, flew it to 300 feet, then switched over to the Hangar App to take the pictures, it took all necessary pictures and then asked me if I wanted to land or continue flying. I clicked...
  9. AlwaysAWOL

    First Hanger 360. Didn't like the sun! What settings should I have used?

    Took my first Hanger 360 pano here... Edit: (Updated pano 10 hrs later. Much Better. ) Went for an early morning motorbike ride today and brought the Mavic. When uploaded, Hanger 360 stitched it together and left out the shots that had the sun in them. Pretty sure it's because the Mavic...
  10. DodgeP

    360 Pano with Litichi (HELP)

    Hi, I've tried unsuccessfully to create a 360 Pano with the photos taken by Litchi and I'm looking for some help. I've tried with my Mavic, my Inspire 1 and my Osmo. I'm a MAC user so I can't use ICE, I'm not running parallels. I've tried Panoweaver, PTGUI, Hugin and Panotour. Whenever I...
  11. M

    Panoramic @ Boynton Beach

    22 photos - portrait mode - Raw format Stitched using Adobe Lightroom
  12. MaineRC

    My first Mavic Panoramic in Portrait mode with Mavic Pro and PTGui

    Taken today in portrait mode in raw and stitched together using PT gui.Midcoast Maine