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  1. Florida Drone Supply

    Phantom Parachute Deployment Test Results and Video

    On Monday, February 4th, we planned an intentional deployment of a Phantom parachute system. The purpose of the deployment was to test the product’s effectiveness and the ease of being able to re-pack the parachute and continue flying if necessary. While we were familiar with the manufacturer...
  2. Florida Drone Supply

    Intentional Parachute Deployment - Smart Controller Demo - Monday - Fort Myers

    We had been posting in a few of the parachute related threads over on Phantom Pilots about intentionally deploying a Phantom parachute and are now confirmed for this to happen on Monday (February 4th) in Fort Myers. We will install the parachute, send up to 300+ feet and turn the aircraft off...
  3. P

    Any parachute available for the Mavic?

    Hi, I ve been looking for a parachute for my Mavic for years and I haven´t find any. Does anybody knows if there one that fit the Mavic Pro o the Mavi Pro 2?. Thanks!
  4. baddog

    Mavic Pro Parachute Video Example

    So just looking for some helpful feedback/opinions on this item. After a year+ of successful flying, I lost my drone for apparently no reason, according to DJI (See previous Post). My replacement "drone only" version, is on its way ($531.00 US, DJI gave me a 30% discount code) and I want to...