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  1. Pineville NC

    Pineville NC

    Nice sunset at Pineville Park.
  2. L

    Parks in the GTA

    Hi all, I am planning to buy a DJI Mavic Mini 2, but after some research, I am confused about where I can fly. From what I have gathered, I can't fly in any parks in Toronto, but Markham parks are perfectly fine as long as I follow CARS 900.06. I am located in North York, so where exactly can I...
  3. J

    Question about public parks (UK)

    Hi, I have just bought a Mavic Mini 2 and passed the CAA flyer ID even though it's not a requirement yet for sub 250g drones. I was under the impression that you can fly drones over public parks (just for test actually) as they are not built up areas, however the CAA guide says recreational...
  4. RayKelly

    Mavic Air 2 flight over park, boats and ferries in Port Jefferson Harbor, NY

  5. A

    Mavic Pro drone in London Royal Parks

    Hi, I've just found this: From this seems possible to use drones in royal parks but for what I read around it's only possibile in Richmond Park in the flying field. Does anyone know exactly what...
  6. RoadieMunky

    Interesting places to fly near Bromley?

    Hi all, I am looking for some interesting places to fly near to Bromley. This is proving a bit difficult as it is within 5 miles of Biggin Hill Airport, and I'm too lazy to call the up for permission. Anyway the places I have been so far are; Parkfield Recreation Ground. Jubilee Country Park...
  7. C

    Any Mavic Pro Platinum Flyers around Elmsford,NY or Westchester County,NY

    Hi, Any drone flyers from around Elmsford,NY or westchester county,NY area? I’m a new owner of the Mavic Pro Platinum, coming from the phantom 2, was also wondering if anybody knows any good flying fields or parks around my area I mentioned. Thank You.
  8. jpbluzharp

    Just trying to be nice... Jeeze!

    So, I went to a local park early on a recent spring morning in order to test some depth of field settings on my Mavic Pro. Edited a little piece and sent a thank you note and a link to the park's administration... I figured they might enjoy it and use it to promote their work. Once again it...
  9. T

    Opinions on Provincial/National Park Rules in Canada

    Hello everyone! In light of the new regulations given to recreational drone pilots here in Canada, I was curious as to other's opinions on the rules regarding flight in national and provincial parks. In short, you're basically not allowed to takeoff/land without getting permission from the park...