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  1. D

    Mavic Mini live view pausing during photo capture

    My live view feed is usually very smooth and responsive but every time I take a photo it pauses for a second. Is this a glitch or am I being shown a preview of the photo? I have an SD card so it should be the Drone saving the picture. While taking lots of photos or using the 2-second continuous...
  2. C

    2.7K Video hiccups / is not fluent

    Hi all, Sorry my english is not perfect.. but I just made a first flight with my mavic mini. The photo's are fine, but the video on 2.7K is just full of stops/hiccups/interruptions. It is not fluent. It runs for a second or two, then stops for a second and continues again, it s*cks. What is...
  3. MavicMikeGA

    What does the pause button do?

    I'm scared to push it while flying. What's its purpose?