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  1. coneslayer

    Air 2 Conemaugh Viaduct - Fall Colors

    Located on the Little Conemaugh River in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. The original 1833 single-arch Conemaugh Viaduct was destroyed in the Johnstown Flood of 1889. During the flood, debris built up behind the viaduct, holding back the water. When the viaduct suddenly failed, the water was...
  2. A

    Norfolk & Western #611 at the Strasburg Railroad

  3. N

    Hello from Bucks County, Pennsylvania

    Hi there ! I've been flying the Mavic Pro around for a few weeks and so far it's been a lot of fun. I've been flying other drones for a few years now but the Mavic is a big step up in terms of overall quality, especially when it comes to photo and video. I hope to take the Mavic on my upcoming...
  4. KennyInPa

    Broken Ice on Lake Erie

    A short video of a flight over Lake Erie near Erie, PA
  5. Adamcain112

    Bucks County PA

    Cloudy day looking over Falls Township park in Bucks County, PA if you look far back you can kind of see Philadelphia. On a clear day you can really see it.