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  1. L

    First short film - Silent Valley

    I used Mavic 2 Pro for drone shots and GH5 for hand-held shots. My husband used GH4 on Ronin-S. I own Mavic 2 Pro for nearly a year, but first time put shots together to make a "film", any comments are welcomed. 🙂
  2. ac0j

    I think I have it.......

    An Idea jumped in my head this afternoon. You fly for money guys may be interested in this. First off, With this date and time stamped post on an international forum I make record that this is my original intellectual property and may also look into copyright. So any use of this after this day...
  3. M

    Other People's Etiquette Around Drones

    I'm starting to run into this a lot and was wondering how other drone pilots tell other people that are bugging them to frankly go away. When I am flying, I am trying to pay attention to the drone and the flying and someone walks up and tries to start a conversation and puts the whole operation...
  4. Vilco

    Flying indoors: all good without people, but what if people arrives?

    Yesterday I flown my Mavic in a kind of a Lounge Area in a nearby wineyard, the lighting was perfect so it acted just as i expeted it to: Vision mode, stable as with GPS, flown perfectly almost upto the ceiling, at about 10 meters up. The floor is a bright beige/orange color and is tiled, with...