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  1. I

    CAA Release CAP1789: Is this the death of PFCO in UK?

    CAA have published #CAP1789. It's the EU Drone regulation package to be adopted by all member states in July 2020. This is a major shift on focus from segregated Commercial/recreational classed #Drone flights in the UK, to one class of "remote pilots". This means you will no longer need a #PFCO...
  2. MaviClass

    Tech specs for Operations Manual

    Hi all, Hope you are all well and flying safely. I need a little help here, I’m getting my Ops Manual written out and regardless finding lots of specs needed in the original Mavic 2 Manual from dji, I’m still finding it hard to gather some of the other information needed to complete the System...
  3. T

    Giving drone footage to clients for free - is a commercial licence needed?

    I run a small graphic design business creating websites and brochures etc.. for my clients. Would I be able to give my clients free drone footage/photographs that are used on their websites and brochures? I would charge for the graphic design work creating their websites and brochures but...
  4. PsychoTeapot

    Adding Mavic to PfCO - how hard is it?

    The company I work for has run a Phantom 2 for a few years, and I duly qualified with the CAA for commercial work. The Permission is up for renewal in November, and while it's tempting to just carry on with the tired old P2, I am wondering how tricky it would be to add a Mavic to the PfCO (and...
  5. J

    BBC flaunting the rules?

    I recently finished my PfCO so naturally with all the regs still fresh in my mind I’m noticing a lot (ok a **** tonne) of people flaunting the rules. Most notably the BBC. A lot of their reports feature what is obviously a drone getting shots over houses and things like that. A guy on my...