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phantom 4

  1. flflyer

    DJI CrystalSky 7.85" High Brightness Multi-Touch IPS Monitor -$375.00

    DJI CrystalSky 7.85" High Brightness Multi-Touch IPS Monitor I have two available for sale. Buy 1 $375.00 Shipped CONUS ONLY - Buy both, at one time, $720.00 Shipped CONUS ONLY Updated with the latest firmware on 04/10/2023 Pictures were taken 05/01/2023 Includes: 1 battery 2 port smart...
  2. flflyer

    (SOLD) DJI Mavic Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom w/Accessories

    (SOLD) DJI Mavic Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom w/Accessories - excellent condition, no crashes (SOLD) Very Low Flight Time 1 DJI Mavic Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom 1 DJI Standard Controller Misc. Cables 1 Battery Pack 2 Chargers including fast charger and car charger 2 Complete sets of props. 1 Set...
  3. D

    ATTI mode for Phantom 4 and Phantom 3

    The Phantom 4 can be deliberately flown in ATTI mode - correct? And can - or cannot - the Phantom 3? Forgive me for asking but I seem to be getting mixed information. Thx.
  4. D

    DJI Phantom 4 for trade for a DJI Mavic Pro

    I have a DJI Phantom 4 for trade for a DJI Mavic pro. I would need the mavic pro to have at least 2 batteries,carrying case, controller, gimbal cover, extra props, charging cable, and a multi charger (Depends on trade), If not a multi charger then the regular cable. My drone is like new and I...
  5. A

    Trace phantom 4 for Mavic pro

    looking to trade my phantom 4 for a Mavic pro or sell my phantom 4 with all original accessories for $900 including shipping anywhere.
  6. J

    Mavic Air Video Quality vs Phantom 4 Original?

    Hello guys! I just got the Mavic Air after many days doing research and watching videos. I'm a big fan of Dji and I have a Phantom 4(the original, not the Pro or the Advanced). I'm in love with the P4 but it is bulky and I travel a lot, so Its a struggle every time i decide to carry it with me...
  7. donatas1

    Crater of the volcano Eldborg

  8. M

    Very Windy! Fly or not to fly? Mavic & Phantom 4 Pro's Cinematic Footage

    So we were on the way back home and we came across a nice fishing village east of Scotland near Edinburgh, wave were strong, wind was gusty and at times hitting 25-30mph. But, I had to give the Mavic a wind test. It came out very well. Also had a Phantom 4 Pro as well, the phantom 4 pro slow...
  9. B

    Drone for skiing

    Hi guys here's I'm going skiing in Feb. I'm looking to rent a drone off Fat Lama, people are renting out a variety of drones. Theres the Mavic Pro, the phantom 4, the inspire 1 v2 and a few of the parrot drones. I've used the phantom 4 before, its epic. Never used the mavic...Are any of these...
  10. Ikeman

    Mavic or Phantom 4

    Ordered a Mavic on November 6th.........who knows when or if it will come, in addition to extra batteries! I have the chance to get a brand new Phantom 4 for $929.00 (Black Friday Deal).......who thinks I ought to cancel my Mavic order and go with a proven drone like the Phantom 4?
  11. Kara

    So, who cancelled their Mavic Order...

    How many of you cancelled your Mavic order and got a Phantom 4, instead, so you wouldn't have to wait?
  12. M

    Peak Design bags for the DJI Mavic Pro

    I have heard so much good reviews from their first messenger bag and I was looking for something smaller to fit the upcoming DJI Mavic Pro and stumbled upon this page. I just had to share with you guys. PS: I am not affiliated with Peak Design in any way.