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photos and videos

  1. Jet skier

    Summer scenes- Minneapolis

    Local Summer scenesLocal Summer scenes Minneapolis
  2. crazy_tall

    Beautiful Surrey (UK):

    Hey, Wanted to share a couple of images I took a couple of days ago - been watching plenty of YouTube videos on how to take photos manually and also how to edit. Love to hear peoples thoughts at my first attempts at these AEB shots. Taken in manual RAW and merged using Lightroom. Cheers
  3. T

    Vikos Canyon - Greece

  4. M

    Myanmar spectacular mountain roads

    Here is a video of Shan Express Highway across the mountains leading to Inle lake in Myanmar.
  5. C

    Setting of the Sun

    Sunset in New Jersey...
  6. M

    Flight over Yangon downtown

    4K video of Yangon downtown from the sky. Panoramic views of lots of Yangon famous landmarks like Sule pagoda, Shwedagon pagoda, Botahtaung pagoda and jetty, Strand Road, Yangon Port, Star City, Taketha bridge, Maha Bandula bridge, Dala, Yangon river, Pansodan ferry terminal. March 2019 Video...
  7. Sun rise - sun set

    Sun rise - sun set

    NY city sky line
  8. NY sunrise=sunset

    NY sunrise=sunset

    time-lapse in New York, first try with Oslo pocket
  9. New York - Sunrise-Sunset

    New York - Sunrise-Sunset

    I was playing with my new Osmo Pocket...