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pilot check in

  1. CuriousY

    Morris Dam drone view, LA county

    After three year's of drought, the Morris Reservoir has finally became full this year. It's a resevior inside Angeles National Forest, about one-hour drive from Los Angeles. Shooted by Air 2S.
  2. J

    New M2P member from N. FL USA

    Greetings from N. FL. I have flown my new Mavic 2 Pro about 20 hrs to date . I am looking to do aerial photography from a height of about 30 feet over particular small structures (2-3 feet high). I am also preparing for the CFR 107 license at this time. One question I am encountering right...
  3. M

    Hello from Santiago Chile

    I'm really happy with my new mavic 2 zoom, definitively the best buy of the year, thank you for this forum, I hope going to be very useful Atte. Matias Ascencio A.
  4. G

    Hello from San Francisco! New Pilot

    Hello everyone! I appreciate the MavicPilot community for sharing and teaching. The passed year, I've been flying toy drones around the house. Shortly after, I moved up to the Bugs 4w with the goal to improve on my skills and buy the Mavic pro. I decided to by the Zoom instead. I am loving...
  5. J

    Hi from Kent

    Hi, outskirts of London/Kent here. Any good tips and locations people have found to fly?
  6. D

    Pilot Check In and General Discussions, Answered questions remain open

    Hello. Two questions please: - In this forum, can someone please explain to me what's the difference between Pilot Check In and General Discussions? - If I post a question which is then answered do I check a box somewhere to notify all readers that the question has been answered or does the...
  7. S

    New Pilot Checkin from NY

    I look forward to engaging and getting to know the group! I love the drone community and I am excited to be apart of this! - Sean -- Long Island, NY
  8. CarsonV123

    Hello from Burlington (VT)

    Hey fellow MavicPilots! just got a mavic air for my birthday, have been very excited to get started. I work as a UAS team member flying RTK EBEEs for a spatial analysis laboratory, but this is my first quad-copter! I've been reading up on the fourms and they have been instrumental in my quick...