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  1. S

    Mavic Air Gimbal Dial Is also moving drone?

    So a few weeks ago, my Mavic Air started doing this weird thing. When it’s up in the air, and I try to adjust the pitch of the gimbal, the gimbal moves, but the drone also moves sideways, in which ever direction the dial is turned. I tried recalibrating a few things, but nothing worked. Any...
  2. W

    Litchi Waypoints: Gimbal Not Smoothly Pitching Between WPs

    Hey guys, I've been creating missions in Litchi to shoot some timelapses. The routes are two waypoints a couple hundred feet apart, mavic ever-so-slightly rotating and moving between the two points at 0.3mph. I've been trying to have the gimbal subtly move as well, but haven't had much luck...
  3. crayban

    Gimbal pitch speed not changing

    Hey, Wondering if anyone can help. I tried to change the gimbal pitch speed/smoothness in the advanced settings of the DJI Go 4 app, and there is no effect at all. I have updated to the latest firmware, and reset the settings and tired again, but still no luck. Please can anyone assist...