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  1. W

    Will a Pixel 3A or Moto G7 work with my DJI Mavic controller?

    Morning - I fly a Mavic Pro Platinum, currently use a Nexus 5x as my controller display, works well. For various reasons, I have a chance to swap in the 5x toward a new device for very little cash, and need to know which new devices will work with my DJI controller and DJI Go 4. My choices...
  2. Ed209

    Bad pixel on Sensor?

    Just went through 3 batteries and looked at the videos. Seems like I have 2 bad pixels on the camera sensor which are constantly lit. I don't see any artifacts on still images, just video. Edit: You can see the 2 pixels in this video at 2:10
  3. K

    Small Black Dot on video playback & pics

    I have a small black dot that appears when I record video and take pictures. It is in the same place every shot. I have cleaned the lens thoroughly and still have the same outcome. I do not believe it is dust under the lens either. Seems like a dead pixel or the equivalent. Perhaps a...
  4. P

    Black spots on recording

    New unit. After a couple recordings i noticed a blob of black near the bottom of recording I have examined as best I could with magnifying glass and light. There is NO mark or dirt on lens cover. There does not appear to be anything I can see on actual sensor lense. I will post up a screen...