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  1. Ed209

    Bad pixel on Sensor?

    Just went through 3 batteries and looked at the videos. Seems like I have 2 bad pixels on the camera sensor which are constantly lit. I don't see any artifacts on still images, just video. Edit: You can see the 2 pixels in this video at 2:10
  2. K

    Small Black Dot on video playback & pics

    I have a small black dot that appears when I record video and take pictures. It is in the same place every shot. I have cleaned the lens thoroughly and still have the same outcome. I do not believe it is dust under the lens either. Seems like a dead pixel or the equivalent. Perhaps a...
  3. P

    Black spots on recording

    New unit. After a couple recordings i noticed a blob of black near the bottom of recording I have examined as best I could with magnifying glass and light. There is NO mark or dirt on lens cover. There does not appear to be anything I can see on actual sensor lense. I will post up a screen...