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  1. B

    Pixelated Video Only at Certain Sizes? O.o

    Hi Mavic Community, This one is throwing me for a loop as I've used my Mavic countless times but today after I filmed some lobster fishing I noticed that the entire video looks out of focus or pixelated. Once I scaled the window down the video was running perfectly clear and looked great. Is...
  2. RonanCork

    Mavic Air 4k footage - trees/grass looks pixelated

    Hey Guys, {updated on Mon 16th with some details!} Wanted to get your help and thoughts on part of one of my projects (work in progress!) where the footage of grass / trees looks pixelated in places. This is the case when I view the raw video file (mp4) taken off the SD card and played on my...
  3. N

    Gimbal freak out and video pixilation

    My last flight I experienced a weird gimbal issue whereby the video feed gets shaky and the gimbal starts to freak out going up and down and rotating. After a few seconds it cleared up, but reappeared again a couple of minutes later and this time the video feed was pixelated. I had the same...
  4. Vilhiem

    Pixelated Video, then Freeze, then No Video

    I am completely confused here. After doing a sensor calibration (due to an error I was getting that Precision Landing required a sensor calibration) ... I took the Mavic Pro up today and started seeing some pixelation ... then the video froze ... then absolutely no video at all!!! I've since...
  5. T


    Hey everyone, The Mavic Air is my first drone and I really love it! The videos are coming out great no real problem there but the photos are coming out very pixilated. I had the photo settings to jpeg + Raw but have just changed it to Raw. Any idea or tips on how to make the photos not look so...
  6. D

    Horrible Video - First time

    Been shooting video with my Mavic without any problems...Until today. Shot a video that is a pixelated mess. Take a look and tell me what you think: