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places to fly

  1. C

    PBC/Wellington,FL places to fly?

    Hey everyone! I am very new to flying a drone (bought one last week). I have done all the necessary steps to fly recreationally and within the laws of the FAA (Trust test, registering the drone and labeling drone with registration). Wondering if there is anyone in the Palm Beach County area...
  2. Samuel Doejaaren

    Where are some places to get good pictures near Charlotte, NC?

    Ive been dying to get out there and get some good photos with my mavic (Im an amateur). I really would like to know some good structures or places to fly my drone, Just let me know what you got!
  3. I

    Hello From Berlin, Germany

    Hello Everyone, I am really excited to get my Mavic Air and had my maiden flight today. Its really nice to find this forum and get to know fellow Mavic pilots. Please advise where can I fly my Mavic Air to get some hands on in Berlin...The parks near my apartment (comes under permissible...
  4. sclm007

    Places to fly around Atlanta

    Hi, I am newbie and live in the Atlanta area and looking for places to fly (legally). For me this is the most challenging part of drone flying so far.
  5. J

    Where to fly in SoCal?

    I recently purchased a Mavic Pro a couple weeks ago but I have only taken it out a couple of times because I'm afraid of violating local/county UAV regulations. I've thought about flying at Corona Del Mar because people have said its a great place to fly but after looking up the rules I see that...
  6. J

    Best Legal Flying Areas near (or in) NYC

    Hey guys, Just curious if any NY'ers have preferences for legal sites for flying within 50 miles or so of NYC. I will be going out with a friend who needs to log practice hours so he can fly for his company. So, we need to find places that are actually official, not just super safe. His...