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  1. Johannvangruting

    RTH unlimited climb.

    My Mavic Pro platinum is having a weird problem. As soon as I press 'return to home' it turns and starts climbing. Way above my pre-set RTH height of 45m. Up to the ceiling of 120m. And than sticks there, not moving. I left it there for 10 minutes, just to see if it needed to reorient itself...
  2. Tiny

    Master Airscrew props for a Mavic 2 on a Mavic Platinum

  3. R

    Battery Difficult to Remove

    Hello, I just received my new Mavic Pro Platinum. I have trouble removing the battery, I have to apply a lot of effort to remove it! Is this normal? I bought a second new battery and I have the same problem. Thanks for your help. Regards,
  4. I

    Mavic Pro Leg remplacement

    Hi guys, Im actually looking for a Mavic Pro Platinium Left Front leg ( only the leg, not the complete arm) Would anyone have one to sell for me ? Thank's a lot illicodif