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platinum propeller mavic low noise

  1. B

    DJI’s new Mavic Pro Low Noise Props is quieter and stays in the air a bit longer

    I finally get my hands dirty with the new DJI Mavic Pro Low Noise Propellers which is something I always wonder if they do something about the noise. Well, let’s see if it’s more quieter as we would all hope and more flight time as a bonus. I think I should give you a little context of why I...
  2. Edslittleworld

    Aftermarket Platinum Low-Noise Mavic Props?

    I'd sure like a set of the new low-noise props for my Mavic. However, it seems the OEM part is Out of Stock. I look on Amazon and there are a LOT of look-alikes? Does anyone have an impression of the quality or safety of them? In other words, are they CLONES or COUNTERFEITS? Thanks!