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  1. winkiel82

    Meet Warsaw, the capital of Poland

    Welcome in my city:
  2. G

    Poland - Zakopane drone rules

    Hello Guys, I will be heading to poland - Zakopane next week for trekking. can i fly my mavic pro in zakopane please?, i have read all the following however i couldn t find if i can fly in zakopane tatra mountains or not. Safe sky - regulations on flying drones in Poland - Urząd Lotnictwa...
  3. D

    End of winter in Poland

    Hi fellow pilots! Didnt plan to make big video out of my last flying weekend but put together few minutes just to show the end of winter in Poland. 2 versions, one edited and one not... which one you like better? no edit: edit: safe flying! Best regards, Marcin
  4. D

    Mavic pilots - Poland

    Okay guys, anybody from Poland? Any cool places you were flying recently? Any suggestions, tips, more than welcome - lets share the good experiences! the bad ones too :) Few records from Mavic and old Bebop 2 drone to give an ideas where to fly - looking for more from you guys! Just...
  5. M

    DJI Mavic Pro Footage at Polish Army Museum (Outdoor Tanks, Planes etc.)

    In poland currently and had the opportunity to see some Eastern Block Military equipment on display at the Polish Army Museum (Muzeum Wojska Polskiego)
  6. M

    Trying to learn film and editing

    Here's a video I just made. It's from Poland, Grudziadz. I know that some of the transitions are not in point but there is barely couple months of experience behind me, anyhow some advice and criticism are welcome:)
  7. welsewool

    May trip behind

    My May trip behind video. Poland, Czech Republic...
  8. J

    Hello from Warsaw, Poland :)

    Hi there, Happy owner (since 3 weeks) of Mavic. Already drifted in a room (result: broken 1 propeller) and damaged micro-USB port in RC (exchanged by DJI Europe under warranty). Cannot wait until weather here in Central Europe will be better to fly. Cheers, Jaro