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    ND filters and Polarized ND filters

    Hello everyone, I have bought myself a Mavic Air, and now in October I’m going to Guyana, where I’m going to film the jungle and especially the Kaieteur Falls. Now I’ve looked at a myriad of videos about the differences between no filters vs nd filters and polarised filters, but I still think...
  2. M

    ND Polarized Filter - What do you recommend?

    I've been trying to dial in the image look on the MavicPro and quite frankly its a bit of a challenge to get what I want out of the camera, but not impossible. Right now I am looking for some recommendations you guys might have for a good ND Filter set that's also polarized. I'm looking to pop...
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    Polar Pro Cinema Filters: Vivid vs. Shutter?

    Hello All, I'm a new member of the forum and a new drone owner but not new to drones or cameras in general. I'm looking into purchasing one of the Polar Pro Cinema series filter sets for my Mavic Pro, either the Vivid or the Shutter collection, in order to smooth out my footage. However...