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  1. H

    3 Hawaii - Compilation of Stunning Shades of Blue

    Hi, Really loving the Mavic 3 and taking opportunities to keep shooting. While being amazed at some of the clarity we are seeing, my wife felt it would be fun to go through our videos and highlight really impressive shades of blue so here we are. Thank you again for watching.
  2. A

    3 questions: Battery adapter, pola filter and low res clips

    Been testing the Air 2S for a while now and really love its small size and the image. A definite improvement over my old Mavic Pro re low light and colorimetry. Need more info however: 1) I'm looking at the small black battery adapter in the combo package which turns air 2s battery into power...
  3. D

    Variable ND Filter Polarization Effect

    I own several of the Polar Pro ND filters, but recently picked up a Freewell Variable ND Neutral Density filter set, hoping to simplify my setup and not have to switch filters so often. Filters appear to be well built, and an excellent price point, but the variable ND filter basically works by...
  4. Ian in London

    Polarizing PL filters over water - SkyReat and Freewell

    Hi all I made a different video specifically on polarizers as they make such a big difference to glare and reflections when flying over water. In my examples, you would probably want the reflections as the clouds look great, but I just wanted to demonstrate the effect these filters have. Also...
  5. F

    Aperture controls? Filters? HDMI output?

    Anyone have any idea: How aperture is controlled (this is very exciting)? How filters might work for the M2P? Dear God, please say the remote has HDMI output...
  6. Digitaldias

    Music overkill

    Shot during the winter in Norway, this is my neighbourhood, the horizon was WAY overdue for a calibration, and the music is fairly overkill for what it is, but I had great fun making it. Shot with a circular polarizer for helping with the bright snow and sun.
  7. mysticgnarwhal

    ALASKA - The Last Frontier

    Hey all! After hours an hours of cutting my footage down, I finally finished my video from my trip to Alaska this past fall. It's not all drone shots, but I would appreciate if you would take a gander. The drone shots are all with the Mavic Pro and I used mostly the Polar Pro ND/4 Polarizer...
  8. D

    Always Use PL Filters?

    Hey all, I was shopping for ND and PL filters for my Mavic and came across the Polar Pro line. Looks like they have a few options for filters, with different stops and with or without polarization. However, I'm wondering why one wouldn't just get all polarized filters and use them any time you...