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polarpro filters

  1. CanyonRunVideos

    Edited Photographs of the Midgley Bridge in Sedona, Arizona

    Edited Photographs of the Midgley Bridge just north of Sedona, Arizona on State Highway 89A. All photographs were taken with the Mavic 2 Pro with a PolarPro ND filter. The city of Sedona has posted NO DRONES all over the city but these signs have no legal merit to them. The Sedona Airport...
  2. A

    Honeymoon Highlight Video (Maldives)

    Hey guys, My wife finally convinced me to edit our honeymoon footage from the Maldives last year. I like to fly the Mavic pro on my spare time and so the video editing was something I thought I’d try out. I felt like sharing because I busted my *** trying to shoot the footage and then...
  3. S

    Any thoughts on Taco vs PolarPro ND filters for Mavic Air?

    As of right now PolarPro and Taco are only companies that offer ND filters for Mavic Air. I heard a lot of good things (and some bad) about PolarPro, but what prevents me from pulling the trigger is that they don't offer package that would include ND16 as well as ND32, nor do they sell these...
  4. R

    RC connection

    I'm a Mavic Pro newbie, so bear with me. I am seriously considering an IPad Mini 4 to use with my RC on my Mavic Pro. I have been trying to use my Galaxy S5, but it gets hot and it drains the RC battery. I have 2 questions: 1) I've read that the iOS devices do not seek a charge to the battery...