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  1. MiMo28

    Wizzair drone policy

    Hi all Has anyone ever flown with Wizzair carrying a drone in Europe? Any advice? Thanks
  2. D

    Getting in trouble with the law

    For the past 6 months of having my drone and flying it legally while traveling around the country, I've done many research prior to launching it just to make sure I'm flying within city, state, and federal regulations. However, when I'm on YouTube or other social media sites, I often see people...
  3. Tim M

    YouTube Policy Change - 10,000 views for monetisation

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this applies to you or not, but just to let everyone know that YouTube has changed its monetisation policy on videos. As of last week, your videos on your channel are only going to be monetised if the total lifetime views on your channel are over 10,000, and YourTube...
  4. S

    [Query] Return policy for Mavic pro (Brand New/Never Flown)

    Hi Guys, I got my Mavic pro (fly-less) delivered just last week, I am now planning to return it back to DJI. I live in India and the drone law is still not in place, we are expecting the law/rules since 2014 and its still not amended. Customs officers at Airport are confiscating the drone...