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poor signal

  1. T

    Air 3 is getting poor signal in CE mode.

    Hi, When flying in an urban area with my DJI Air 3, I don't even get to 1km before the signal starts breaking up. Is there anything I can do to get better range? Thanks.
  2. BikerGeek

    Mavic Pro signal loss and auto camera problems

    Wasn't sure how to title this. I've had some odd things going on with my Mavic. First off, I get either crappy sporadic video signal no matter what devices I use. If I use my Samsung Galaxy S7 with the small cable the picture will fade in and out and is useless and frequently reports signal...
  3. davidzimagery

    Smart phone not so smart

    Today the weather was finally decent enough to try out my new Mavic Pro Platinum. Since the controller holder is only sized for a phone, that's what I used. The video screen was half green, it responded slowly to inputs and was basically worthless. So I loaded DJI 4 on the tablet I use with...
  4. Belmont

    I can't seem to fly further than 3300 feet from controler

    I am using a Galaxy 8+ and running Litchi. No matter where I seem to fly I can at best only reach 3300 feet from the RC before my connectivity bar signal indicators drop off, then to red, and then nothing. Any thoughts on the matter?
  5. Pittsburgh Bill

    Mobile device CPU fully loaded. Related performance will be affected.

    Updated the firmware before I went out for flight today. I noticed some strong magnetic interference so I backed away from my truck and phone and was able to calibrated the compass on my Mavic without a problem. I noticed on the screen during the flight that the image wasn't clear and was...