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  1. View of Downtown Miami from PortMiami.JPG

    View of Downtown Miami from PortMiami.JPG

    Here is a glimpse of the view of Downtown Miami from PortMiami and Royal Caribbean offices.
  2. blackomega

    Mini 3 Went for a ride on some powerful tug boats

    I finally had the chance to make the video I have been wanting to make for as long as i have been flying. The local towage company invited me along to film some video for their internal use and allowed me to ride along one one of their boats. And make a video with the footage I shot Enjoy
  3. Yaros

    Air 2 Port Adriano, Mallorca - First time using D-Cinelike with Mavic Air 2 and Premiere Pro

    Hello, I made this video first time using D-Cinelike with Mavic Air 2 and then edited in Premiere Pro! Tell me your thoughts about it!
  4. blackomega

    The SAAM Tug Boat Shuffle

    Just a video of some tug boats Enjoy
  5. blackomega

    COSCO Pride docking in Prince Rupert Container Port

    Hey Guys Here is my latest video in my container ship series the COSCO Pride. This is a shorter video and I am trying some new editing techniques. Please comment on the video if you like what you see and please subscribe my channel. Trying to get at least 50 more people subscribed to unlock...
  6. blackomega

    Coal and Grain Export Terminal 4K

    Flight over an Island Terminal, sadly the coal port was on lunch break when I filmed this today so not a lot going on
  7. markyodo

    Flying at cruise destinations?

    Heading on a Carnival cruise in July. I want to take a Mavic with us and shoot some video at our destination ports. Is there a website or has someone done any research on the rules and regulations for this? There's lots of drone video posted for vacationing in other countries but I haven't...