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portable charger

  1. T

    Compact Charger

    Hello all, Newbie to the forum. I have both a Mavic and Spark, and noticed that the chargers are identical all the way to the plug (6-pin for spark vs 10-pin [I think] for the Mavic). Because of the different plugs, if I want to take both drones, I have to take both chargers. And while DJI has...
  2. John Gowland

    best portable charger I have found yet

    More by accident than design I have a lot of batteries. So the first thing to go is the r/c battery. Without a charger I get about an hour - about 3 MP batteries. With a portable charger I get maybe 2 hours, six batteries. So the only way is to stop flying and wait till the r/c battery charges...