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portrait mode

  1. D

    Can the M2P shoot vertical pics?

    Hello. Can the Mavic 2 Pro shoot verticals/portrait? Thx.
  2. C

    Purposeful horizon tilt??? Is it possible

    Hello everyone, I am about to buy a mavic pro. And wile I love all the footage shot with it I was wondering if there is any chance to tilt the horizon wile flying as an artistic element for the footage. I read a lot about people complain of horizontal tilt problems but that not what I'm talking...
  3. M

    Unable to use portrait mode

    My mavic is one of the first batches and maybe that's why it is so buggy. I can't go into portrait mode, the gimbal will completely trip out and get stuck. Verified gimbal plate is in correct place, otherwise no image issues or vibration issues. Anyone having same issue?