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  1. Yaros

    Is it okay to post this on YouTube / Instagram?

    I recently was filming a church and a theater in my area, but before posting it I wanted to ask if it is okay, because there are some other things visible as houses and hotels around. I can legally fly over them (if I'm above 40 meters) at least here in Spain as far as I know, but one thing is...
  2. C

    Shooting D-Log & Post-Processing

    Hi Chaps, Thought I would share this, it may be some use: How to shoot Log video using DJI's D-Log color profile Cheers, Ian
  3. A

    Davinci Resolve - Render quality issues

    I have been experimenting with Davinci Resolve and cannot get clear video after I render. I've tried many of the different settings available. I start out with pleasing high quality 4k video (viewed on a 4k laptop screen), shot in MP4, D-cinelike or D-log, 24fps, NTCS etc. My latest...
  4. Chalmers90

    Simonside Hills Scenery.... My first post.

    So, this is my first post on Mavic Pilots, even after owning a DJI Mavic Pro for well over a year! I'm going to attach a video of a recent visit to Simonside Hills (Northumberland, England) with my friend, Stuart. We decided after scaling to where we wanted to be, to get the drone out and...
  5. N

    Post production for mavic

    New to drones ( mine is still on order sigh). Anyway doing my research and reading to manual and it seems a lot of pilots prefer using D-log? And software for post production. My question is what software would you recommend to a beginner and what do they cost to buy and use? Mike