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power bank

  1. S

    Yx charger / power bank: anyone tried it?

    Have anyone any experience with the black Yx battery charger / power bank? After reading some positive feedback about the Yx blue fast charger i went online to get one but stumbled on this other type. It seems to be a battery charger than that also can be used as a power bank. I tried to find...
  2. T

    Charging Mavic Pro Battery w/ USB C cable

    does anyone know of a solution to use a MacBook Pro charger to also charge the batteries of the Mavic Pro? I think an adaptor vorm USB c to the mavic battery connector would do the trick. I’d there any way to reverse on one of the solutions out there that lets you use the Mavic Pro battery as a...
  3. P

    23 Mavic Pro Essential Gear 4K60 – Quick Backpack & Accessories List (Platinum, Alpine)

    I’ve had the Mavic for months now and have acquired some accessories that I find essential when filming. Here’s a short video of what’s in my kit, including fitting everything in the backpack I have chosen. A bunch of these items should be on sale right now until the next couple of weeks! If...
  4. P

    23 Mavic Essential Gear Kit 4K60 – Short Backpack/Accessories List (Platinum, Alpine)

    After having used the Mavic for 9 months, I made a quick video of gear/accessories that I carry (and believe are important) when out filming. A bunch of these should be on sale for a week or two! If you’re free, also check out my cinematic drone tutorials for beginners (71 basic moves, multiple...
  5. dlopezjurado

    Is it possible to charge safely a MP Battery from a portable PBank?

    Hello everybody and thanks in advance for your help I´ve been reading some threads here, but none of them clearly explain that. I am terrible with electricity...so basically I don´t know much about Amps, and Volts...I just know a bit. All the threads I´ve been reading always deviate too much...