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  1. M

    Newbie looking to buy 1st Drone Advice- I am in Canada this week, but live in the US

    Hey all, My first post here, I'm excited to be a part of the forums. I am getting into drones for the main reason that I do Real Estate, and think it would help my business immensely. I will like to eventually get an Air2s, or the 3 when it comes out in the near future. For now, I am...
  2. miniflyer

    Air 2 A day out in the Countryside



    Hi guys, check out my latest drone vlog testing Active Track + AN EPIC DRONE CRASH. Not sure why the Mavic crashed into a tree, when should have traveled in a straight line, can only blame the aliens for this... Enjoy!
  4. Claudcw

    Pushing my luck, tight quarters practice flying... worked

    Practicing flying looking at the video..
  5. HiKen51

    "Soccer" practice with Mavic

    With 3 weeks' practice under my belt, my thumbs still get mixed up sometimes. My only crash so far happened when I went up into some leaves when I intended to go forward. The past couple days I've been going to a soccer field where the goals have no nets and flying through them. I just about...
  6. marklyn

    Favorite Austin Tx drone flying areas

    Would appreciate knowing of your favorite local Austin Texas drone flying areas. Would prefer open, sparsely populated area, easy or no permission needed and something within 30 minutes outside of Austin (prefer inside city limits). I've found a few places (ball park @ Walnut creek), Cook...
  7. A

    Los Angeles: Drone Race Track Antelope Valley

    Hi all, I’m weighing the possibility of opening up a practice/race track in our 25-acre property in Antelope Valley. It is pristine desert, buttes and other rock formations, and plenty of Joshua trees. The landscape lends itself for us to be able to make interesting runs. A couple questions...