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precision landing

  1. DarthSLR

    2018-12-30 Precision Landing

    Went for a hike today and took my M2P with me just in case. The wind was mild, so I flew a few times, ran through 2.5 batteries. My goal was to try a few things (more on that in the future posts), including precision landing, which I was still uncertain about. So I decided to let the SW do its...
  2. Gadget Inspector

    Finally We Have Precision Landing

    This is a test to make sure it actually works.
  3. Prmath

    Does the Litchi app.........

    have Precision Landing feature for the Mavic 2 Pro. DJI didn’t add it in the Go4 app
  4. C

    Mavic Air not executing Precision Landing

    I just got my first DJI drone and I am loving the Mavic air so far. I am having no luck at all though getting the precision landing to work. I am using the auto take off function from the screen while checking the precision landing box on the on screen prompt. The drone is going up to about 12...
  5. C

    Initiate precision landing with mavic goggles

    I haven't found a way to initiate precision landing using the goggles. I have to lift them up and do it on the controller. Can anyone confirm this so I can stop searching :)
  6. J

    Precision Landing failure!

    Today I had a precision landing failure that I cannot explain. I took off with 100% battery and 16 sats in GPS mode and selected precision landing. I have taken off from this very spot many times (pitchers mound on a baseball field) and have precision landed every time within inches. Mavic...
  7. Rom3oDelta7

    precision landing protocol question

    I've seen in various videos and posts that the Mavic needs to hover over the takeoff point for a while to capture the ground image for precision landing. One post said as long as 10 seconds. I've noticed that there is an announcement on your phone that the GPS location was recorded for RTH when...