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Mavic Air 2S - Return to Home, Failsafe and Precision landing tutorial video


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Nov 19, 2019
I decided to put together a video tutorial taking advantage of the beautiful Florida weather. In this tutorial, I am talking about and demonstrating how to correctly set up the settings on the drone and perform correctly RTH, Precision landing, and failsafe. I am demonstrating the different scenarios based on distance and how the drone behaves including turning off the remote controller in the air to simulate a transmission loss (failsafe).

In this video, I am using a Mavic Air 2S but the same settings apply to the Mavic Air 2. The concepts apply as well to other DJI drones but the distance and behavior vary by model. For example, the DJI Mini 2 with the last firmware, if you try to Return to Home at a distance less than 20 meters, the drone will refuse to come back or land, unless is in failsafe. This is why the recommendation is only for the Air 2/2S. I will be making similar videos just for each model.

Any recommendations and comments are welcome. Enjoy the video.

Very nice video! I didn't realize that when beyond 50 meters that the drone would hold present altitude on RTH, fly back 50 meters, and then climb to the preset altitude before returning the rest of the way.

Definitely makes you think about flight planning - I live and fly in a heavily forested area - it would suck to descend into a clearing, lose signal, and then instead of having the drone climb up to clear the trees it would encounter trees at the edge of the clearing. Presumably obstacle avoidance would force it to climb until it could move forward and at the 50 meter mark it would climb to my tree-free altitude, but be simpler if it just did that initially.
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Nice and thanks for sharing.
Thanks !!
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